Welcome to HARREXCO

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HARREXCO AG is an international engineering, systems and solution provider in the field of manufacturing, automation, instrumentation and metrology. Legacy and leadership combined, proven innovation in the past, and continually improving for the future. We optimize processes and tools together with our customers, design and manufacture our parts, equipment, automation and software solutions to 100% in-house.


ISO 9001:2008

What we integrate into our systems and assemblies:

- Automation and instrumentation components from Beckhoff, Siemens, National Instruments etc.

Our markets:

- Automation, instrumentation, applied robotics applications
- Renewable energy related manufacturing and inspection systems
- Mining, petroleum, geo, defense, medicine and fuel technologies

Our innovative technical staff consists of:

- Graduated Engineers
- Patent Engineers
- Mechatronical Engineers
- Manufacturing Specialists

Our vertical integration:

- Design and development per CAE and CAD
- Manufacture of parts and assemblies per CNC, welding etc.
- Manufacture of electrical and controller cabinets
- Controller programming, manufacturing execution systems, data sampling and acquisition, automated inspection
- Visualization programming
- IPC-Manufacture